Cordially welcome to Drexel Bakery

The family Drexel has a long tradition in bakery trade that dates back to the year 1855. It is our endeavour to revitalize the old baking tradition.





The Original Wurzelbrot has its origins in the mountain region of the Swiss canton Grisons. The main component of this bread is wheat that has ripened under the sun in that Swiss region.

The bakers at Drexel Bakery use this unique flour in combination with water, salt and very little yeast for the dough that is the basis for our Wurzelbrot.

Profit from the benefit of these deep-frozen products and enjoy the freshly baked bread - prepared according to an original Swiss recipe!

Freshly baked bread for your guests! This is the motto to which Drexel Bakery lives up. The bread is baked in special brick ovens but halted at about 75% of the normal baking time and then it is immediately shock frozen.