We often notice that crisped up bread is dry and that the bread crust chips off. Can that be avoided?

Deep freezing is the most natural and the most gentle way to maintain food fresh, consequently this also applies to bread. However, this way of processing brings out the quality of the bread. The better the quality of the bread, the better it may be deep frozen and crisped up after defrosting.

Our Original Wurzelbrot as well as the Swiss Bürli are made from extremely smooth dough, i.e. addition of a high quantity of water has at the best possible rate been absorbed by the flour. Consequently, the chipping off of the bread crust can be prevented and the bread remains fresh for a long time.

The quality is as if the bread had been completely baked in our bakery. And the bread will be fresh whenever you need it.

How shall we store fresh bread?

A good bread has a good crust. A good crust must not be stored in closed boxes or even in plastic bags, as such a storage deteriorates the crust and makes it squashy and sticky. Therefore we recommend to store the fresh baked bread in a cotton cloth or in a paper bag, if possible in the room.

We always read or see reports on bread that is prepared with all sorts of additives. Do all bakers use such additives?

Our philosophy is to bake bread that has all the advantages of a natural traditional way of production. This means that we do not add anything to our breads apart from flour, water, salt and very little yeast - as the case may be perhaps also some seeds or grains for the looks or for different tastes.

Consequently, we use exclusively natural raw materials! We guarantee that our bread does not contain any emulsifying agents or any products with E numbers.

Baking, deep freezing, defrosting and crisping up: this seems energy-intensive and might be an environmental burden.

There are two facts that might really be an environmental burden and a problem regarding the consumption of bread. Firstly, every day a lot of bread is produced in excess of the bread that can be sold: the overproduction has to be disposed of anyway by the producers.

Secondly, a large part of the finished products bought by restaurants and catering businesses as well as by end consumers are not consumed because they grow dry and hard very quickly.

Our bread may be crisped up by the consumers at any time, whenever they need it. The high quality guarantees a long preservation, even three days after crisping up our Original Wurzelbrot is still a treat. Therefore there will be no spoilage and no remains and our baking process is more economic and is less harmful to the environment than the daily overproduction and the subsequent disposal of bread produced in excess.

Do we need a special oven to crisp up your bread?

No, because the quality-determining part of the baking process is effected in our bakery. We bake the bread on stone plates, with a static baking atmosphere and with high initial temperature.

The final baking or crisping up may be done in your kitchen in an ordinary oven, in restaurants and with catering businesses the crisping up is done in steamers or in other usual baking devices.

Before being frozen, the bread has been conferred its quality that will not change through the crisping up. It is merely important to respect the temperatures and baking time as indicated by us.

Do your products contain genetically modified ingredients?

All our products are free of gene technology.

How long is the BBD - preservability?

Our breads may be preserved deep frozen up to nine months.

How is the bread packaged?

You will receive the bread in a wrapping film in a shipping box. The packaging contains 12 units of Wurzelbrot, 25 units of Bürlis or 18 units of Bürlistangen.

Is there a possibility to get special sizes?

Upon your request, we may offer different, special sizes in accordance with your wishes.