Video about the production process


The Original Wurzelbrot has its origins in the mountain region of the Swiss canton Grisons. The main component of this bread is wheat that has ripened under the sun in that Swiss region.

Cereals grow in an Alpine high-altitude area where a warm southerly breeze assures a particular quality of ripening of the cereals in fall. After late harvesting the wheat is milled in a Swiss mill in a traditional way to a special flour.


The bakers at Drexel Bakery use this unique flour in combination with water, salt and very little yeast for the dough that is the basis for our Wurzelbrot.

One of the secrets of our Wurzelbrot is the long resting of the dough. This 24 hours' fermentation time - along with the special baking process - will develop the full natural bread flavour.


The particularly smooth dough that has rested for 24 hours before being used may only processed manually. Manual twisting of the dough gives the bread the special root-like look, particularly fitting to its name.


The bread is baked in special brick ovens with static baking atmosphere and high initial temperatures until about 75% of the normally required baking time. This gives our bread a crispy crunch and a smooth moist crumb and assures freshness as well as a long preservability.


From the oven the breads are directly brought to the shock froster where they are rapidly deep-frozen at a temperature of -28°C. This has proved to be the most gentle and reliable method to maintain the freshness of food.